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If you like the Excellent outdoors, Thomaston at Georgia is The perfect place to see. It's in the city where you could find Skydive Atlanta, the best location in Georgia to try and experience skydiving.

Located at 2333 Delray Rd, Skydive Atlanta gets the Fastest jump aircraft in the country. It includes of a 15,000-square feet world class center, pro shop, a hangar space, creeping region, a true aircraft mock-up, nearly 5,000 square feet of gentle foam packing area, an air conditioned classroom plus a rigging loft space, along with foosball, a ping pong table, a kids' area with Playstation and an observation area with picnic tables.

Reputation for safety.

Skydive Atlanta has been the pioneer in skydiving in the Condition of Atlanta for 30 long years. It is the only skydiving Business in Georgia that has been given certification by the Department of Defense to support military contracts for the U.S. Army/ Ft Benning Command Exhibition Parachute Team called "The Silver Wings."

Located one hour away from Atlanta, Columbus and Macon, Skydive Atlanta is the bucket listing specialist that offers tandem skydives, AFF solo certificate, and conducts training to instructors. It supplies a great once-in-a-lifetime individual skydiving experience that you'll never forget.

Skydive Atlanta uses the Most Recent equipment that are purchased New in the manufacturer and updates these gear every year to incorporate the latest safety alterations. All its parachute rigs are equipped with "Airtec Cypres two" onboard computer Automatic Activation Devices that are intended to activate the parachute mechanically in worst case scenarios. And its own aircraft is widely regarded as one of the nicest jump airplanes as it meets all manufacturing maintenance standards and has been serviced by FAA certified mechanics.

So if you would like to experience high flying Excitement, visit Skydive Atlanta, which can be housed in the Thomaston Upson Airport.

But in the Event That You can't take the experience brought by skydiving, You could always choose to unwind and relax at the Sprewell Bluff Park on the Flint River or in the Thunder Scout Reservation where it is possible to go camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking or mountain bikingtrails.

And for a fun family outing, visit the Rock Ranch, which is only a short drive from downtown Thomaston.

Literally unwind and have peace of mind, the Greatest Generation Recreational Park is the only place to go.

There are other places in Thomaston Which You Can visit, Which provide a great outdoor experience. After all, Thomaston is called one Of the top 100 small towns in America that has a lot to offer to both Visitors and residents.


Thomaston, GA

Thomaston is A city in Upson County in Georgia that's widely known as "America's Hometown." It is the chair of Upson County and is included in the Thomaston, Georgia Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Named for General Jett Thomas, An Indian fighter in the War of 1812, Thomaston was created with parallel streets that run north and south, and west and east with the century-old Courthouse Square in the center.

If you are planning to change home, then you may want To consider transferring to Thomaston, called as one of the Top 100 Small Towns in America in 1986 and in 1995 reportedly because town provides "slow-paced southern charm and hospitality."

Of America's Best Small Towns" contained Thomaston in the list of 120 cities in the United States since the best place to settle.

From the publication, Thomaston is described as "a perfect Place for people seeking to depart the fast-paced city life for a more relaxing environment."

What exactly makes Thomaston the ideal place to live?

This convenient location gives the residents the luxury of a peaceful rural life but nevertheless enjoy the advantages that these major cities offer.

And Thomaston is very wealthy In history, according to a few historical sites found in the region. Foremost of the can be the Pettigrew-White-Stamps House built by John E. Pettigrew in 1833 but had been purchased by Benjamin B. White at 1840 and later went into the possession of the Stamps household who lived at the house until 1968, hence the name.

The Pettigrew-White-Stamps House was initially located on North Church Street but has been moved to its current location at 800 South Church Street in 1968 by the Upson Historical Society to rescue it from demolition.

The Pettigrew-White-Stamps House, That Is the second oldest home in Thomaston located a few miles south of the Courthouse Square, contains artifacts and furniture that illuminate the lives of earlier generations that remained in the house. It currently serves as the Upson Historical Society Museum.

There is also that the Weaver House situated along 205 S. Bethel Street, that is believed to be the oldest house in Thomaston with parts that date back to the 1820s.

Owned by Judge T.A.D. Weaver, the design of the Home is Affected by classical resurrection and federal styles popular in the 1820s when Weaver bought it from the previous owner.

These are just a few of the Things Which await more info you when you Choose to proceed to Thomaston. The remainder are yours to discover.

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